Real Estate Broker

Real Estate Broker

Global Property is one of the leading Real Estate Brokers in Pattaya, and now in more and more "spots" in Thailand.
Our vision is to set up bridges between potential property buyers and Real Estate experts.

The Pattaya real estate market offers exciting opportunities, a great choice to meet either your personal holiday needs or for those seeking to enter the lucrative Thai real estate market. Our connections are well established and include relationships with developers and real estate property managers throughout the region. Inquire about real estate offers or call one of our experienced representatives for exclusive information.

On our Global Property website, you will find a wide choice of properties and developments in Pattaya, and surounding areas, and other places in Thailand. Today, more than ever, buyer emphasis is on lifestyle and Thailand is no different. With lifestyle, or a change of lifestyle, paramount in our minds, we have focused on the best properties that will not only enhance your lifestyle but help guide you in the right direction when making a sound property investment. In recent years we have witnessed many chances in Pattaya. Our city has experienced tremendous growth, which is continuing rapidly, and no other area has expanded more than the Real Estate sector. Building materials and land prices continue to rise giving investors steady returns and attractive capital gains.

Real Estate in Thailand is not unlike the rest of the world. Some regions forge ahead while other areas remain stagnant. Pattaya, and especially, Jomtien Beach and Naklua areas, are growing at a fast rate, in all directions. This has placed even greater emphasis on that old Real Estate adage 'location, location, location'.

  • Why to choose Global Property?

    Because in all legal matters, we have the best connections in Pattaya to provide 100% satisfaction for both buyers and sellers.

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