Thailand Elite Club

The Thailand Elite Club was formed to serve visitors and long-stay guests in Thailand that want VIP treatment.  Membership is flexible and can be tailored to the specific needs of the cardholder.  Five, ten, and even twenty-year visas are available to members.  Here are a few benefits Thailand Elite Club cardholders enjoy:

  • No requirement to leave the country during the term of the Elite Visa
  • No requirement to stay a minimum amount of days
  • Multiple re-entry permit is automatic
  • Fast Track Departure and Arrival at the airport                 
    • Personal assistant to help you right off the plane.
    • Elite Club VIP lounge while you wait.
    • Fast track immigration service.
  • Airport Limousine Services
  • Complimentary and discounted Golf at select courses.
  • Complimentary and discounted spa and wellness treatments.
  • Complimentary Premium Annual Health Check-up and world-class medical facility.
  • Hotel and Resort Discounts all over Thailand.
  • Discounts and privileges at many upscale shopping centers throughout Thailand.

The Club appeals to a diverse audience of businessmen, investors, property owners, and well-off retirees who frequently visit, or reside permanently in Thailand.  Elite Club membership takes all the hassle and worries out of living in the kingdom.
Thailand Privilege Card Company Limited is a subsidiary of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, founded July 20, 2003, having the support of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports.

There are three types of Thailand Elite Club Cards.

1) Elite Ultimate Privilege
For those who love and know Thailand well, who plan a long-term stay in the country and wants to use the benefits and privileges of the Elite Club 100%.

Validity: 20 years
Price: 2 000 000 Baht (not including VAT)


2) Elite Family Premium
This card is designed specifically for family members of the Elite Ultimate Privilege cardholder. Family members receive almost all the benefits and privileges of the holder of the main card.

Validity period: validity of the main card (up to 20 years)
Price: 1 000 000 Baht (not including VAT)
Annual fee: 10,000 Baht (not including VAT)


3) Elite Superiority Extension
By far the best offer is the Elite Superiority Extension, for just 1,000,000 Baht you get a visa to stay in Thailand for 20 years. If you are looking to stay long term, are confident that you want to lay your roots in Thailand, this card is for you.

Validity: 20 years
Price: 1 000 000 Baht (VAT included)


4) Elite Easy Access
If you are looking for a relatively shorter stay in Thailand, 5 years, the Elite Club still have a number of benefits to attract the discerning traveller.

Validity: 5 years
Cost: 500,000 Baht (VAT included)
Upgrade card category: for an additional payment of 1 500 000 Baht (not including VAT) you can upgrade your card to the Elite Ultimate Privilege card.


5) Elite Family Excursion
The most affordable and cost-effective card for the whole family. This package costs 800,000 baht for two family members and 300,000 baht for each additional family member. There is also a possibility to use the free airport transfer plus other advantages given by the Elite Club.

Validity: 5 years
Price: 800,000 Baht (VAT included)
Conditions: no less than 2 people
Additional package for family members: validity of the main card (up to 5 years)
Cost: 300,000 Baht (including VAT) for each member of the family


6) Elite Privilege Access
If you think the option of a 5-year visa is too small, but not ready to plan an extended stay in Thailand of 20 years, this Elite Privilege Access card is for you. This offer gives outstanding value.

Validity period: 10 years
Price: 1 000 000 Baht (VAT included)
Additional package for family members: validity of the main card (up to 10 years)
Cost: 800,000 Baht (including VAT) for each family member


7) Elite Family Alternative
If your family plans to stay in Thailand over the next 10 years, this Elite Family plan is for you. You will probably already be acquainted with what Thailand has to offer and are familiar with everyday life, enjoying the usual pastimes, and are confident your family will enjoy the benefits of living in Thailand.

Validity period: 10 years
Price: 800,000 Baht (VAT included)
Additional package for family members: validity of the main card (up to 10 years)