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Corporate Insurance

Corporate, Commercial Insurance

Operating a business can be challenging, satisfying, and rewarding.  The decision of which corporate insurance provider to choose is one of the most important a company owner will face.

Global Insurance Broker Co., Ltd in Pattaya, Thailand is a licensed and qualified broker recognized as reputable and experienced throughout the community.  Potential risks can vary greatly between different businesses. We help company owners compare insurance coverage options and choose which one is right for them.

Global Insurance Broker Co., Ltd has been in operation in Pattaya, Thailand since 2001. We offer a wide array of commercial insurance policies. It doesn’t matter if your business is a small single office, a retail company with multiple locations, a factory, a condo, or a hotel. We can tailor a comprehensive insurance solution to fit your needs. We have formed strategic partnerships with international insurers from around the globe. Most of our partner providers have branch offices in Thailand.

Options of Coverage:

Commercial / Corporate Property All Risk Insurance:

1)  Commercial / Corporate Property All Risk Insurance policies will cover your business if you have a fire, water damage, flooding, smoke damage, burglary, vandalism and all other accidental damages.

2)  Building insurance covers  the cost for repairing or to rebuild the premises for all accidental damages. As there are differences between different insurance companies it is important to check each insurance policies for sub-limits in cover and for deductibles, which may vary.

3)  Contents insurance covers the stock, goods, machinery, office equipment and all other contents of your business. If stock varies, it must be declared and updated to make sure everything is covered in the event of a claim.

4)  Fixtures and fitting insurance is part of the combined insurance cover for commercial and corporate risks and can be added to the value of company buildings or to company contents.

5)   Business Interruption Insurance covers loss of income and expenses resulting from insured property damage or total loss. For example if your company cannot operate the business, forced by a fire for two months, this insurance will cover and reimburse you for the salary payments, payable taxes and net profits during the insured period.

6)  Burglary covers loss or damage to buildings and / or all other contents, such as office equipment, machinery, furniture, electrical and electronic items caused by forcible entry to the premises.

7)   Electronic equipment is covered for unforeseen, accidental and sudden loss or damage. If your electronic equipment is damaged by short-circuiting or operation errors the corporate insurance policy covers compensation of such damages.

8)  Machinery Breakdown covers physical loss or damage to machinery during operation.

9)  Money Insurance cover the loss of cash while it is on the premises or even during the transfer to the bank. Also the safe, strong room, the premises itself and other property is protected for damages by safe burglary, robbery or attempted forcible entry.

10)  Public Liability is essential to avoid the risk of failure caused by not having adequate commercial public liability cover. Liability insurance by Global Insurance is designed to your individual risk if pursued compensation by a third party to protect your business. If caused by negligence and lack of care a third party has suffered a loss or has been injured the corporate commercial liability insurance will pay the compensation. Liability insurance protects you if you are sued by a third party also to defend you in cases of unwarranted demands.

11)  Product Liability protects against claims in cases of bodily injury or property damage caused by your products, supplied or sold through your business operation.

12)  Professional Indemnity insurance provides cover for damages caused by failure or incorrect accomplishment of professional services of accountants, lawyers, technology providers, architects, solicitor and consultants.

13)   Workmen’s Compensation covers employees who are injured during their job with benefit replacement payments and medical benefits. Workmen’s compensation insurance protects the company from legal complications and the employee cannot sue his employer for such injuries.

14)  Debris Removal Insurance covers the cost of removing debris after a fire or other catastrophes occurred.

15)  Construction All Risk Insurance, also called builder’s risk insurance covers your company during the construction period of a building for damages to the building and for liability claims of third parties.

16)  Plate Glass Insurance covers broken glass of buildings, like glass doors, windows in a commercial building.

17)  Inland Marine Insurance covers the property and goods in transit from or on the way to your company.

18)  Commercial Motor Insurance for all kind of vehicles

19)  Group P. A. Personal Accident Insurance is an additional employee’s benefit and covers all accidents 24/7

20)  Group and Individual Medical Insurance, Health Insurance for employees, management and business owners with local or international cover.


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Commercial Liability

Fewer things in life are riskier than setting up your own business, why increase the risk of failure by not having adequate insurance to protect your business.

Liability insurance by Global Insurance is designed to cover you in the event that you are pursued for compensation by a third party, where they feel that they have suffered a loss as a result of your negligence (lack of care).

In the event that you are successfully sued by a third party your liability insurance will be able to pick up the costs for the compensation that has been awarded against you and any legal costs that you have occurred as a result of defending your claim. If you do not have adequate insurance then you will be liable to pay the cost for the compensation.

There are various types of liability insurance:

- Public Liability Insurance

- Employers Liability Insurance

- Product Liability Insurance

- Professional Indemnity Insurance

Each liability insurance policy is designed to protect you from third parties, although liability insurance will not stop claims arising when they do they will be able to provide you with the financial security you need to defend the claim and also pay any damages that are awarded against you.

Personal Liability

If someone is injured while visiting your home, they could sue you for damages. If they win and a court awards them a big settlement, you could be financially ruined. Your wages could be garnished and you could have a hard time getting back on solid ground. Property insurance safeguards against this kind of liability.

Your home insurance will also protect you against liability for accidental damage to someone else’s property. For example, if you live in an apartment building and your bathtub overflows, resulting in damage to your neighbour’s apartment, your home insurance will pay for repairs or replacement.

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