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1. Fire Insurance

    Fire insurance basically provides coverage for losses or damages to insured properties caused by fire.  It

    can be extended to cover other losses caused by flood and windstorm, including costs in attempt to stop

    the fire or to prevent the fire from spreading etc.
2. Motor Insurance
    Motor insurance comprises compulsory and voluntary insurance.  While the voluntary insurance covers

    losses and damages to the properties and bodily injuries of both insured and third party, the other covers

    what stated by the Protection for Motor Vehicle Accident Victims Act B.E. 1992.

A real outstanding part of the Motor Insurance Section is the Cover for Motorbike, Big Bikes, full comprehensive. In cooperation with Global Insurance Broker Co., Ltd. we offer this product for you as our client.

3. Marine and transportation insurance

    Marine and transportation insurance provides coverage for losses and damages to hull and the transported

    cargo.  This also includes those being transported by air and land.

Global Insurance Broker Co., Ltd. offers you NSI Nam Seng Insurance products at Tel 081 838 1390 or info@gip.asia for Thailand, for Pattaya, for Phuket, Chiang Mai and Hua Hin and all other region and provinces in Thailand

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