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Health & Medical

Health & Medical

Covering the Unexpected

The expatriate living or working abroad is often faced with many challenges. Not least the language,the climate and the cultural differences in general. One of the main concerns is gaining access to quality medical facilities should illness or injury strike the individual or members of their family.

Fortunately here in Thailand such facilities do exist…but who pays?  Many ex-pats come from a country where government hospitals take care of the health needs of the individual which is funded from general taxation. Living abroad is often a different proposition entirely and medical bills either have to be paid by the individual out of their own pocket or from a pre-arranged Healthcare Plan.

It is important to remember that insurance is there for the unexpected. Medical Insurance primarily covers the costs of medical treatment for what is commonly known as an acute condition, a disease, illness or injury that is likely to respond quickly to treatment.

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  • Choosing the right Healthcare Policy is very important. A wide selection of plans are available and many variations exist. Cover for individuals,couples,families and companies can be obtained and added value benefits and optional extras can be arranged. The language and policy conditions and general exclusions can often be confusing and as Healthcare consultants we have experience comparing plans and advising on the best plans for your needs. We believe in quality over quantity and therefore only select the best expatriate health insurance providers. To make sure you are getting the right cover there are a number of guidelines to follow and we have key criteria to assess an insurance plan. The importance of each will vary from person to person. In assessing a healthcare policy we not only consider the plan coverage but also the insurers financial standing, claim handling and customer service.

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