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Golfers Insurance

Golfers Insurance

Why is it essential to have specialised golf insurance?

When you step onto a golf course you’re entering an arena where multiple projectiles are repeatedly being fired in all directions. You then proceed to fire projectiles, probably in multiple directions, with a number of people, houses and cars in the near vicinity. You’ll do this for a period of four hours before retiring to the clubhouse for a drink, leaving thousands of dollars of equipment sitting, unlocked, by the back door.

It would be pretty reckless to undertake such activity without suitable insurance, yet the vast majority of golfers are not sufficiently covered against damage, accident or injury when they take to the fairways. We golfers like to think we’re special but I’m afraid, like it or not, we too need to be insured.

Society is becoming more litigious, as extensive advertising confirms and perpetuates. People are increasingly aware of the possibility of seeking compensation through Court and a growing number follow that route. The most compelling reason for taking out specific golf insurance is against personal liability.

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